BREAKING NEWS!!! Hillary can’t win …


Last night an expert on NPR made a shocking realization:

Hillary can’t win.

Bernie’s pledge not to go independent may no longer be binding because of the resistance he has encountered from the Democratic establishment.

The way is cleared for a third party – “The People’s Party!”

(1) Hillary’s lead over Trump, if the election were held today, is dropping rapidly—from 10 to 3 points—in fact two very recent polls even have Trump leading. If this continues, Hillary may be losing by double digits by the- November general election. And, if today’s polls are correct, 40% or more of Bernie’s base, the so-called “Bernie or Bust” demographic, will NOT vote for Hillary. Given this: THE ODDS ARE AGAINST A HILLARY WIN IN NOVEMBER.

(2) Bernie had earlier pledged that he would remain a Democrat and not go independent and run on a third party ticket. But that was BEFORE it became evident that the election is unfair and rigged against Bernie — by Hillary, who bought the influence of 33 states last summer, the DNC, who stacked the deck for a Hillary win, and the Media, with their lack of Bernie coverage. “Given this situation,” says the political science expert, “I see no reason for Bernie to be bound by his pledge not to go independent.”
— The argument and fear that if Bernie goes independent Trump will win (Bernie will take votes away from Hillary) is unfounded and not true. DO THE MATH! The polls show that in a national 3-party race, Hillary and Trump – both with high disapproval ratings and trust issues – are only able to win 30% each (or less) of the popular vote; with Bernie at 40% or more.
—It is further becoming clear that in a Hillary vs. Trump election, TRUMP WILL WIN. Not only will the 40% “Bernie or Bust” people not vote for Hillary and “stay home,” but so will many Democrats – not to mention Hillary’s slippage to a surging Trump by November 4th. Most importantly, history shows that it is the “independents” that decide elections in cases where the Democrats and Republicans stalemate each other. And in the present election cycle, the independent vote is overwhelmingly going to Bernie Sanders.


(3) Given that the DNC will NOT come to their senses and make Bernie the party’s nominee, the only way for Trump to be defeated is for Bernie to create and run on a Third Party Platform.

As it miraculously turns out, this unforeseen necessity of the formation of a Third major Political Party is nothing short of a golden opportunity for the People to take back our country — and take the money and moneyed interests out of politics once and for all!

Bernie’s new third party can be called, “THE PEOPLE’S PARTY” (as in our founding document, “WE the people …, not the Rich”). It will combine the BEST of the Democrats (FDR’s, “The New Deal”) and the Republicans (Lincoln’s, “government of, by, and for the people”).

It will easily become the dominant party! The Democratic and Republican parties will deservedly recede into the background of American political life — given that they both have abandoned their core principles, values, and ideals – and been corrupted by money (the rich, Wall Street, and corporations) — and which will perhaps, hopefully, provide the stimulus for them to return to their founding principles!

The time is right — the writing is on the wall!





GLOBAL JEDI EDUCATION -15- Part III: The Jedi Order. EDUCATION: Concept, Wrong/Imbalance, Balance


GLOBAL JEDI EDUCATION -15- Part III: The Jedi Order. EDUCATION: Concept, Wrong/Imbalance, Balance

“You must unlearn what you have learned.”


True Education is Taking everyone into the POINT, the Knowledge of The Force (±) as JEDI and the JEDI ORDER. We have already treated the bulk of this section’s content in Part I: The Jedi Truth, especially What Jedi-Formal Education is, K-12/University. Here our main concern will be with Imbalance, or Why your Education is in fact “mis-education.”


(A) CONCEPT. The chief purpose of Education as of all institutions is of course, Educational—to take your people into the POINT or The JEDI ORDER. It is the most powerful Institution since if done correctly it can elevate entire generations, entire nations into the Jedi Order. Education’s Goal is to make you a JEDI or the Force’s knowledge of Itself AS a JEDI. “Education” derives from: (1) POINT: Since this is the Truth and what alone exists, the supreme purpose of Education can only be for all individuals to achieve a Knowledge of it. And

(2) ETYMOLOGY: “E-ducation” derives from your Latin “e-ducare” meaning to be led out of Ignorance into Knowledge. Hence Education must be based on Jedi Science, the complete knowledge of the Truth. Moreover its curriculum is HOLISTIC as it is the study of One Thing and has One GOAL: to be a Jedi and to transition from the OUTER to the INNER domain of Reality.

(B) WRONG/IMBALANCE. Your Education is in fact “mis-education” since it has the wrong Goal and concept of Education, of what it is and is for, is not Healing your people, and has no Unity in its curriculum. As based on the p-sciences it focuses on the OUTER and not on the INNER realm. As a result it disseminates false concepts of “Man” and Reality and is NIHILISTIC.

(C) BALANCE. You must switch to Jedi Education via Jedi Charter Schools and Jedi Universities. Teachers, students and parents can strike and petition the Board of Education and the Department of Education; and Laws can be passed that demote p-science and cease to subsidize dark side mis-education.

  • 500

[A] CONCEPT. Noble Jedi, here I will merely give you a short summary of what I have said in Part I: The Jedi Truth under Global Jedi Education. (1) True Education—from your Latin “e-ducare”—takes you from Ignorance and the Dark Side (+|-) to the Knowledge of the Force, the Light Side and the POINT. (2) Education in its entirety and in all its ramifications has only one Supreme GOAL: for the student to be a JEDI—which includes Learning How to Live in Eternity and How to be a citizen of the glorious eternal Jedi Order. This one Goal is what unifies all the Courses taken and makes them absolutely relevant to the student, each one contributing to the same one Goal. (3) Hence education is not a Means (to a comfortable life, money, a good job) but rather an END—the #1 END of all Life and Existence. (4) The Curriculum is based on Jedi Science and is thus HOLISTIC, where all courses are interconnected parts of a single WHOLE. The Curriculum is INNER and not OUTER focused—and the OUTER and the natural sciences are viewed only as a “means” to the INNER, to the POINT and the Force aware of Itself. Moreover the student, as a Jedi, is essentially this WHOLE itself that he or she studies and comes to know; and since she studies essentially herself, her interest and excitement is total. Lastly (5) Education and Religion have the same Goal of taking you from EGO to JEDI and into the Jedi Order and REALITY, by activating the UNIVERSAL within the student. The student’s EGO and Natural Will (-) is transformed when she focuses on the Universal, the ALL-POINT, and surrenders to Pure Self-Consciousness or the Truth.—That is, when she Transcends the Senses (+|-) and becomes more and more cognizant of and at home in the One Apriori POINT (±) located in the very center of the Sense-Material Realm. It is because of this FACT that heads of Schools, Churches, and religious institutions can work together to coordinate their curricula and thereby strengthen and accelerate the education of their students.

“Education simply retraces the path of Spirit’s self-realization and gives a Knowledge of the Reason behind the State and its Forms. Through it one’s Subjectivity is aligned to the historical progress of mankind and his Age. [Moreover] The curriculum is the mediation of human character and will and its absorption into the wider Social Ethos.” HEGEL

  • 501

Now, in the global or general sense—the sense in which all seven institutions (not just “Education” per se) can be said to “educate”—“education” is a process of transformation you undergo that, as your Jedi Plato teaches, takes you out of ignorance into the knowledge of the Truth about who you are, your true identity or Jedi Nature, powers and possibilities, and what and why the world or Reality is. Education is hence an INVERSION process from the Stage Two Dark Side to the Stage Three Light Side of The Force that takes you into the Jedi Order. It is a transformational process whereby the separation between yourself and the World—everything else “not-you”—is canceled, and the world becomes idealized and reduced to consciousness or yourSelf (not your Ego). That is You, as a Jedi and the Force aware of itself, become infinite, eternal, and all reality and capable of living in eternity to the full. It is a process achievable by ONE-POINTEDNESS either via Reason/Science (the CONCEPT) or via Meditation/Faith (CONSCIOUSNESS), and results in either a Discursive Jedi Master or an Intuitive Jedi Master.

  • 502

In the special sense, as applying to K-12 and university instruction, “education” will have the same essential aims but presented in a more detailed and particularized fashion due to a curriculum that is based on Jedi Science. It has the same purpose and goal of learning the Truth and how to live in Eternity and is in accord with its root “e-ducare” and true Platonic meaning and thus involves the important link between Education, Knowledge, Truth and yourSelf as a Jedi. Education thus is above all about YOU—your True Jedi Self and not your “ego,” P.I. It is about “leading” you to the awesome knowledge of who you really are so that you can actually be all that you can be. It is a process that heals the me/not-me, self/other split in consciousness via the twin knowledge of who I am and of the Whole.

“We live in a YOU– niverse.” FRED ALAN WOLF

  • 503

Furthermore the student is made aware of the single Goal of becoming a JEDI at the start of his education, all throughout and up till the very end. Thus the central Task of Education is to CULTIVATE THE STUDENT’S INNER IN ORDER FOR THE STUDENT TO TRANSCEND THE SENSES INTO “THE POINT.The need and goal is to open the student’s Reason (or “third eye”) and achieve One-Point Focused Attention so that he may be able to penetrate through the Sense-Manifold and actually see and coincide with the TRUTH, the One POINT or the CONCEPT. And this is achieved primarily by STUDY; for by the Study of Mathematics, Science, Logic, History and Language, the student during the entire course of his education learns to focus his attention and thought on a single POINT. Lastly “education” involves a clear understanding of the Light Side of the Force and the Dark Side as a movement from the one to the other. It not only teaches you how to actualize the Truth and your Jedi nature via its Jedi Curriculum but also prepares you for eternal Life in Jedi Society—informing the student as to what the problems of the day are and how to solve them, as well as helping with career choices and how best to serve and contribute to the Jedi Order.

For a detailed account of the Jedi Curriculum, K-12 to University, see Part I: The Jedi Truth, 3.

  • 504

[B] WRONG/IMBALANCE. Here my Padawan I will show you What exactly is wrong with your planet’s “Education” and How it teaches and promotes the “Dark Side of the Force.”

  • In brief: Education on your planet today is injurious and in fact “mis-education” since it lacks the true concept of “education”—to lead the student from Ignorance to the Knowledge of the Truth and the Force (±)—and of education’s one GOAL: to be a JEDI and a citizen of the eternal JEDI ORDER.
  • Hence the Curriculum of your education is fragmented, lacking in unity, and non-Holistic. It thus lacks relevance for the student who views it as a mere means to an End (e.g. of getting a good job) and not as an End in itself; hence “grades” are more important than course-content, which is forgotten after exams or graduation.
  • It is based on your non-holistic, dark side “p-sciences,” which erroneously teach materialism—that the OUTER/matter (-) is Reality, while the INNER/consciousness (+) is not. Hence students are not encouraged to cultivate their INNER dimension and thus remain “in the Cave” as hopelessly separate Body-Egos, insignificant objects among myriads, products of random evolution ending in biological death. Hence the “p-sciences” and your planet’s education promote nihilism (no Meaning to life) and prevent true Healing (±) and attaining one’s true destiny as an Immortal Jedi and the UNITY of your Race: the amazing JEDI ORDER.

We will now elucidate these points.

  • 505

In a word, education on your planet today is viewed primarily as a means to other ends and not as an End in itself, which in fact it is, indeed the supreme End of life. Most especially it is ruled by and sustains the Dark Side world view upheld by your p-sciences and hence knows not who we are and is ignorant of the true Jedi/Nature relationship. More specifically:

  • 506

Today’s educators are ignorant of the true concept of education, of what it means “to be educated,” and thus have no idea of the true Goal of education. Hence they lack a principle and method for the unity and relevance of education and the overall curriculum—the student feels this absence with devastating results.

  • Above all your educators think of education not as an End—as the highest end of life, namely knowledge of the Truth, realizing Jedi—but as a means, foremost to the “good life,” money, a good job and the comforts of life. The damage caused by viewing education as a means only is dishonesty and cheating. For only the “A”-grade, the test score, is important and not how one comes by it or the subject-matter for its own sake; which in most cases is only studied to pass the exam and move on and is forgotten on graduation day, or the day after the exam. The subject-matter is viewed ultimately as irrelevant, a “stepping stone” that one forgets when “the real Goal” has been reached (outside school or college).
  • 507

  • Lacking the true concept of education educators fall back on the platitude: “we just do what the previous generation of educators have done, or what has always been done.” As a result there is no real unity behind the educational process and curriculum, which is only an aggregate of disconnected subjects—which is reflected in ever inadequate “standardized tests,” regents, SAT’s, GRE’s, etc.
  • Consequently the student sees no unity in his education—which results in a lack of unity or fragmentation in the student himself and less power (= unity) and overall comprehension. This missing “unity” can be secured only by placing before her an image or ideal—namely, JEDI—of what she is to become and of the Goal and end-result that everything, that all her courses are leading up to, thereby indicating their clear relevance; a Goal serving to continually inspire her and help her overcome any obstacles that may present themselves along her way.
  • 508

In default of this—and this is the true cause of the escalating “drop-out rate” in education on your planet today—he seeks this unifying image-ideal-goal that is vital to his true being and nature (as in truth a Jedi, the Force, the One Reality itself), outside of school and in the general culture, in video games, internet “chat rooms,” even in crime (i.e., gangs). Hence at a minimum the student cultivates a “divided” consciousness, owing to the fact that her main Goal and interest, her true self “identity and ideal”—“Who am I? Who can I become?”—is found outside of school. So “school” takes a back seat to her “number one” (her essence). She perceives that her “education” is not relevant to her highest needs and aspirations, is a detour and hindrance that is only grudgingly endured.

  • 509

Most important, today’s educators are without the concept of what knowledge is—and of the vital link between education-knowledge-Truth and the student herself.

  • Educators desire to impart to students useful accurate Knowledge of reality, of the real world, but the tragedy is that they only impart changing opinion and disconnected facts and theories. This is because they take their idea of “knowledge” from your flawed “empirical or p-sciences” with their flawed “scientific method” which, as we saw in Part I., can never give knowledge of what is true, universal, necessary, and certain and unified in a single systematic interrelated Whole of Knowledge (Jedi Science); but only a “knowledge” (by induction) of what is hypothetical, tentative, contingent and subject to ceaseless revision. To educators the communication of “knowledge” is simply an affair of imparting “textbook information” to kids, marshaling a series of isolated facts, of “laws” of repeatable regularities empirically ascertained (cf. Plato’s Republic 84d) and expressed in numerical formulas. Since there is no unity to this “knowledge” and no perceivable relevance to their lives and #1 goal and ideal, students view it as only a means to passing tests and as noted, forget it by graduation day.
  • 510

  • The “knowledge” they impart is also steeped in the erroneous and pernicious “materialist” world view, which inverts the true relation between matter and consciousness, Nature and Jedi, according to which matter/nature = 0, and is only a means to Jedi and the Jedi Order, which is all reality. The student feels this deeply—that he is ultimately unimportant, there being no Meaning to life since biological death is the end and nihilism the final truth—and accordingly imbibes a pessimistic despairing view of life. The negative consequences of this are incalculable—to self-esteem, self-image, and self-worth, possibilities, aspirations, and dreams.
  • 511

  • In truth education is really an End in itself and not a means; and this End is Knowledge, and Knowledge can be only of the TRUTH, of what IS and only is, as we saw in Part I—namely of the Force and yourselves as Jedi, the Force aware of itself. As I said, current education and its “science” does not know about the One Force underlying the two polar opposite INNER/OUTER realms, and thus gives the wrong priority to each, privileging matter over consciousness. Most important your educators do not know and omit mention that what you are learning about is really yourSelf, that all curriculum subjects are really about yourSelf, since nothing but the Force anywhere exists. All of Science is about your Self, as infinite Inner and infinite Outer. And what a difference this makes in education, in the attitude of the student and the interest she will take in each course and subject matter.
  • 512

Thus existing K-12 and university education is based on a false and dangerous version of science, one which promotes a most egregious form of the Dark Side.

  • We saw the respects in which your p-sciences are false and rest on false assumptions: There is no unity within the sciences, among the parts, and within each part (“we now come to heat, now magnetism, etc”); this fosters a fragmented view of reality which the student struggles to overcome and unify, but cannot; and his self and world-view get similarly divided. Moreover as based on the senses and sense-scientific method, your sciences are without certainty or necessity and offer a wholly inverted relation of Nature and Jedi as the truth.
  • 513

  • Because today the words “science” and “scientific” are equated with “technology” a confusion exists among scientist and lay-person alike, of “knowing how” with “knowing that.” Only the latter is Science, the former is not. That is, e.g., to know the properties of a certain metal and to know what happens when you combine 3 elements or chemical substances in a certain ratio (so as to get a rocket to the moon, or via relativity or quantum physics, to build a super-conductor, etc) is not Science or scientific knowledge, but only “technical knowledge or know how” (“techne” from your Greek meaning “making,” how to make something happen or achieve a desired result). Again, True Science is knowledge, and knowledge is only of the Truth or what truly IS—namely the Force, the Whole of Inner and Outer, and of You, a Jedi as the Whole’s self-awareness.

“The ‘scientific worldview’ [e.g. Materialism, Evolution, the Big-Bang theory] is an image of the Universe that rests on a host of daring metaphysical assumptions … which stand on a very shaky ground.”

“That all there is in the Universe is Matter—is a colossal mistake.”


  • P-science is dangerous because it teaches the error of Materialism, which gives ontological primacy to the visible- material-physical (or energy, atoms and quarks) as the sole Being, and not to the invisible, conscious Inner, which it regards as non-existent since it is not an object of “scientific,” i.e., sense investigation. Hence only sense-things have true reality—the subject, consciousness, “You” and “I” do not. I am dispensable since I am reduced to matter, my physical body.

As a consequence, since my only goal can thus be to connect with the being of the world, I am forced to spend my days in the sense-world’s multiplicity, pursuing only these visible things as what alone is real. Hence I can never reach my True Goal of unity, and do not bother to cultivate my INNER Infinite aspect; as a consequence I am “lost in the OUTER” for I am not told the Truth that the Outer/visible realm = 0, while the Inner-invisible realm alone is being. Thus I cannot overcome the Dark Side, I/Not-I separation and become Whole, Infinite, healed, and complete because I am defined at best as a separate, isolated “EGO in a bag of skin,” in relation to a vast material realm of Otherness or Not-I that is permanently different and Other than I am (since I am ego, it is matter). I am then defined and hence come to see myself as one very insignificant object among myriads of others.

  • 515

  • P-science is also dangerous because it teaches Object-reification. According to its main materialist assumption and its “method” p-science reduces reality, what truly IS, to a world or multiplicity of OBJECTS as what alone is real and should be respected—for only what is measurable, having dimensions in space and time and can be seen via a microscope, telescope, or the naked eye counts as a being, i.e. an “object.” Hence your science really leaves no place for SUBJECTS, persons and the INNER—for that which in fact is alone Reality. Indeed it turns everything—including people, selves, the student, the “scientific” investigator herself—into a thing or object, into what is finite, limited and conditioned, as well as determined hence not free. As a result “persons”—who are really infinite and illimitable in essence—are radically reduced and forced to think of themselves and each other in terms of conditioned finite roles and identities. They are put into such “straight-jacket EGO-identities” as father, mother, bread-winner, man, woman, plumber, soldier, etc, and forever prevented from accessing their true infinite being and JEDI SELF.
  • 516

The p-scientists do not realize that “objects” or “things” and the whole universe of objects have only a “Being for another” (for consciousness) and hence not a true Being, and are nothing for and in themselves. They further do not recognize that every “object” presupposes a “subject” or “I” for whom the object is object; and that the subject alone, as Consciousness, has true being since only the subject has a being for itself and is aware of its existence. This teaching and attitude that is instilled into the student permanently reinforces the false EGO and the Ego-Object-Thing World. “I” am forever an Ego, an Object—one object among myriads. As a result of this denial of my true nature my pain and grief become unsupportable. What a sentence and burden to place on the child— who counts on the educator to bring him to Truth, happiness and the Good.

  • 517

  • Current education via p-science promotes insidious nihilism (meaninglessness). Since p-science’s materialism teaches that the Self or consciousness is reducible to matter/the body and ends with death, sooner or later the student will grasp that given this is the Truth (because “science” says so) there can be no ultimate point or Meaning to her existence on Earth and the universe as a whole—as your saying is, “when you’re dead, you’re dead,” and this applies to all persons, past and future. This realization leads to hopelessness and depression, to thoughts of “Why should I do anything, aspire to any goal?” What the student is forced to do, if she is nevertheless to have any goals, is either to put the “nihilism” out of her mind or obtain a belief in Meaning and purpose from a source outside of school, e.g., through a Religion. The result is a divided person or self, with no unity, and a secret antipathy towards school, science and learning as such—in fact to public “state”-supported education and hence to the state and established order as such. This breeds anti-social, criminal, revolutionary-destructive behavior as well (cf. Oklahoma, Columbine, Nazi “skin-heads,” youth gangs, etc).
  • 518

Further p-science does away with all morality, values, right and wrong, by teaching that all of this is “subjective” and made-up, added to nature/matter/the universe by Man. And there can be no place for a “God,” no super-natural, super-sensory realm, spirit or soul; and as people are all “objects” freedom and free-will are illusions—determinism is the truth. Moreover it is evident to all that the “theory of evolution” (when taught in its customary way) results in the devaluing of a human (i.e. Jedi) Person by equating and defining the Person or Subject as just another “animal” species which you eat and use for clothing—hence to kill a man is basically no different than killing an animal, something which encourages crime and murder in society: on this worldview there is no infinite value connected with people and selves.

  • 519

All this results from the fact that p-science and the educational process it superintends disseminate an absolutely false Concept of “Man,” of “homo sapiens,” i.e., of who you are, which is detrimental to your health in the highest degree; not to mention nature/the universe’s ultimate (lack of) purpose and especially its relation to yourselves (to “Man” so-called). According to their Concept and worldview (i) you, as “Man,” are primarily a material being and an animal, the outcome of random evolutionary processes. Hence as insignificant you are not necessary to the universe or reality and have no essential connection to it; for instance, if your Earth had a different orbit, no life would have arisen on it, hence, your presence here is contingent and an accident. (ii) Consciousness/Self-Soul is only a contingent later development or a “supervenience,” a product or “excrescence” of matter. (iii) As simply material and identified only as your body (three cubic feet of flesh) you are essentially a finite, death bound, temporary visitor in the universe. The FACT is that this nihilistic, hopeless, dangerous view is wrong. You are indeed the whole universe, the Force aware of itself—an “incarnation of all Eternity,” as your Alan Watts says. You are thus infinite and eternal, not finite and temporal, absolutely essential to the scheme of things, not insignificant and accidental. Consciousness and Self are primary and Being, while Matter = 0 or nothing; the two sides constituting one Whole. Both are essential and You or your True Self are both.

  • 520

Concerning the “Curriculum”: Given that current education is without the unity of its “sciences” (or “knowledge”) and an overall unifying goal, it therefore (1) has no unity or holism in its Curriculum and (2) lacks a principle or criterion for determining which subjects/ courses should or should not be included in the curriculum.

  • Accordingly there is a total absence of unity to the “Curriculum” of your educational In fact it is nothing more than a series of “externally” related groupings of courses dictated by tradition and roughly divided into natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities, with little or no connection within these divisions: history, social studies, English literature, the physical sciences, biology, hygiene, gym, etc (and the Basics: reading, writing, arithmetic). The student soon sees and feels this lack of overall unity among his courses and suffers accordingly—a unity possible only via a connection with a single principle. He does not see their relevance to his life. As a result—as noted before and which bears repeating—the student begins to perceive the world as fractured and composed of unrelated parts and fields of study and develops a correspondingly “compartmentalized” view of reality and life. Her self/mind becomes similarly “fragmented” and itself has no unity. Because she is in herself the one Force/Jedi she instinctively attempts to “put it all together,” but cannot. Yet the ineradicable need for unity persists. Thus it is that your current education is against the healing of the subject/object split and unity and instead promotes non-health or dis-unity, the Dark Side of the Force and EGO-separateness.
  • 521

  • Since there is no unity and no unifying goal to education and the curriculum, the only principle or criterion available to decide what to include in the curriculum is “tradition.” The “this is the way we’ve always done it” expedient; this decision is made by fiat, without regard to Principle or Reason. Hence the curriculum has the appearance, especially to the child, of being an arbitrary haphazard “hodge-podge” of subjects, a random assortment much like your Godiva box of chocolates.

The FACT is that the only rational way to decide this is on the basis of what the single Goal of all education as such is. Knowing this clearly one can then select just those courses which advance the goal and reject those that do not. But since today’s education and educators do not know what this single Goal is, it cannot be done. Also since teachers and textbooks as well are steeped in the Dark Side worldview (+|-) and its ignorance, the student can’t help but see this and absorb it, resulting again in no unity and confidence in his teachers.

  • 522

  • The true and correct principle for the unity of education and the curriculum and for deciding what does and does not go into the curriculum can only be the One Goal of all education, namely, JEDI and the JEDI ORDER. The Goal is to give a knowledge of the Truth/ the Force and the student’s infinite nature as the Whole, which helps her to overcome the self/other split and facilitate the Transcendence of her Senses and the “Cave-INVERSION” from Consciousness to Self-Consciousness. Therefore whatever courses promote and lead quickly to the Jedi-Goal are to be selected over those that do not. And it is the Jedi-Principal of each school that decides this. Most importantly, as we showed in Part I: “Global Jedi Education,” the center of the curriculum and educational process is THE CORE—which teaches the essence of Jedi Education (the Force and Jedi Truths) and evaluates each student at the end of the year to determine future educational placement and standing. Everything else, all other subjects, are ancillary or supportive and chosen because of their power to advance and facilitate the CORE goal of the student’s transformation into a Jedi.
  • 523

Note that none of these subjects are in and of themselves necessary or indispensable in an unqualified sense; for they are only and always a means to the End and never Ends in themselves. This is the key. These subjects include Science (excepting Core or Pure Science), Religion and Art and their subdivisions, for example, physics, chemistry, psychology, political science, etc, principles of Re-ligion, meditation, dance/Tai Chi, literature, plays, movies, paintings, etc. These are used and studied only because of their power to aid the student’s advancement and actualization to Jedi; that is, to overcome the Dark Side or the subject-object split and take her into Eternity and the Eternal Present and to the Full Truth (±) which she is NOW and which alone exists, and to know which alone gives absolute fulfillment, joy, well-being, and happiness. The subjects are also chosen with a view to the current state of the world, to what jobs exist and what kinds of knowledge and skills are required to obtain them. Also required for all education are the Basic Tools such as: Reading-Writing-and Arithmetic, as well as Body and Health courses such as gym (with “light saber” exercises), hygiene, and principles of Jedi dating, etc.

  • 524

[C] BALANCE. We will now address the question: What can you do to correct the IMBALANCE in your present Educational Institutions and implement Jedi-Education in the world, that is, in Jedi Schools and Universities?

Simply stated: Educators, Principals, Government Officials must revamp their present system of mis-education and the curriculum to align with the TRUTH (±) and Jedi Holistic Education, that is, in accordance with What Education and its true Goal is and with True Holistic Jedi Science. The following will explain what has to be done and how you can do it.

  • 525

K-12 EDUCATION: NEW. It may take time for Jedi-Education and Jedi Science to become the law of the land and be unanimously accepted (at least as an alternative to current education and p-science) and for the entrenched system and ways to yield. Therefore the fastest way to change over is to create Jedi Charter-Pilot Schools within Society, with the agency of a Principal, an endowed Foundation, or a wealthy individual. With stellar results it will soon become the Norm and Standard of all education. All Jedi Pilot Teachers minimally must be completely dedicated to Jedi-Education; one Master would be ideal. To learn how a Charter-Pilot School can be started, requirements, accreditation, the “nuts and bolts,” etc, see the website:

  • 526

    K-12 EDUCATION EXISTING: In order to introduce holistic Jedi education and Jedi Principles into your schools be mindful that Principals (with their Board’s approval and with good reasons) have the power and authority to implement changes and modify their curricula (see Part I: The Jedi Truth, 3.4). To find out your options and power Principals should go e.g., to the Federal Government’s Department of Education website:

Furthermore principals can hold a “general meeting” with their Board, Faculty, and Parents. Minimally, Principals, you can show why “p-science’s” teaching and a non-holistic, non-unified curriculum with no Goal is wrong and injurious to kids (e.g. no values, nihilism, reification, etc); and you can make the necessary corrections, e.g. reject p-science’s Dark unproven and false assumptions, etc.

If you start a “movement” in your school other Principals will follow your noble example and children and parents will demand to go to a Jedi-School.

  • 527

If you are a parent you can voice your concerns at the next PTA Meeting; and you will have more force if you gather a group of parents before the Meeting. Also parents can “Home-School” their child and/or teach their child Jedi-Principles and reject p-science assumptions. Above all you can declare your family a “Jedi Family” and fashion it on Jedi Principles (see Part II: The Jedi Code).

Most importantly, “p-Science” and its false materialistic EGO-producing Dark Side world-view must be deleted or minimally curbed; hence until True Science takes root and is accepted it should be called “pre-science” or “opinion.” You can further Lobby Congress to pass a Law: “Empirical Science must be called “pre-science.” A Senator (or even the President) can have a special commission investigate the matter and introduce a Bill. If you are running for Office, for President or Congress, after a consensus builds you can make it a campaign issue and promise.

If you are a concerned citizen you can start a website and begin a grass roots movement. If you are on a government, state, or local Board of Education, voice your concerns at the next Meeting. Help implement New Laws and Practices. Write a letter to your Senator; a list can be found at:

  • 528


University Presidents, Provosts, Deans, and Trustees can invoke “Holistic” Education in their institutions. The initiative can perhaps start with one or more individual Faculty members; you can e.g. revamp your course curriculum and challenge and refute p-science, etc; and then other Faculty members will follow suit. Finally students can join in and with Teachers can demand that the Trustees change the curriculum.

If necessary (as in your 1960s) students can strike and submit grievances, etc. You can demand Jedi-Education and that p-science be deleted or rendered harmless. You may start a website, start groups and clubs, write letters to Senators (, to Faculty, and Deans— send a petition to the Faculty Senate and have Faculty members sign letters and force a General Meeting where it can be discussed. Write letters to Foundations, charitable trusts explaining the whole situation (include a copy of The Jedi Handbook).

In addition a wealthy Benefactor or Foundation can start or create a Jedi-College or University from scratch. Good results and increasing demand across the nation by faculty and students will lead to its being universally adopted and becoming the Norm. A list of those supporting education can be found at: (and Bill and Melinda Gates). See also Part I: The Jedi Truth, 3 for more.

GLOBAL JEDI EDUCATION -14- [B] The Jedi UNIVERSITY Curriculum: The College of the Theoretical, the Practical, and the Productive (The University is the FORCE’S Knowledge of Itself)


GLOBAL JEDI EDUCATION -14- [B] The Jedi UNIVERSITY Curriculum: The College of the Theoretical, the Practical, and the Productive (The University is the FORCE’S Knowledge of Itself)

“You must unlearn what you have learned.”

[B] The Jedi UNIVERSITY Curriculum:
The College of the Theoretical, the Practical, and the Productive

(The University is the FORCE’S Knowledge of Itself)

  • 334

The Divisions of the University into Colleges and Schools and their diversified curriculum content are based on the GOALS of the University and of Jedi Education as such, which are: to facilitate and accelerate all students becoming Jedi and to promote the Healing that entails transcending the illusion of the separate Ego and Ego-Thing-World; to secure and further the expansion and transmission of Knowledge for all future generations—indeed the Univers-ity is and should be the locus of the UNIVERSE’s, the FORCE’s or GOD’s knowledge of himself/herself; and to prepare students for Life in Eternity, that is, for entrance into the Jedi Order and Society and for career/role/and service, and to network and make eternal life-connections, friendships, and relationships.

  • 335

Because the Primary Goal is becoming a Jedi everything else—all other special studies and majors, careers and service—has only secondary importance. This is because all the Knowledge contained in other courses is contained in the student’s Jedi-Nature and Essence (or minimally the means/power to acquire it), while the reverse is not true. Therefore the Jedi Core Course, which all students will take and whose main objective is to mature the student’s Jedi nature, has primacy over all else, namely, the Theoretical, Practical, and Productive courses of study (and majors), as well as Science, Religion, and Art, the primary agents for healing the (+|-) split and realizing Jedi (±). We shall first look at the “Divisions” of the University.


  • 336

1) The main thing to be mindful of is, to reiterate, that all of these colleges and schools are secondary to the Jedi CORE [See Diagram in The Jedi Handbook].

2) The overall Curriculum and Curricula will be Holistic and will follow Jedi Holistic Science—whose component sciences reflect the stages in the becoming and healing of the One Force as Jedi. To recall, first there is the Principle (±), and then the realization of the Principle from Outer (-) to Inner (+) and their union as the Jedi Order (±).

  • The division of Colleges into The Theoretical, Practical, and Productive, is one taken from your Jedi Aristotle.
  • The Basic requirements and procedures for entrance and matriculation into each school and for degrees and other bureaucratic concerns can follow current practices. There are two categories: those students coming from Jedi-K-12 schools, and those coming from non-Jedi schools and who need special Introductory and transition courses.
  • Degrees and Curriculum: all colleges/schools can offer B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees and post-graduate studies.
  • 337

  • B.A. Core “A”: All Students, in addition to their Jedi Core and major(s)—academic (theoretical) and professional (practical and productive)—must take during their first two years all Core “A” courses. These include:
    • Jedi Science of the Force as presenting a detailed Knowledge of the Whole: Logic, Nature, and the Jedi Order, which last includes: History, Society, Foreign Cultures and Languages, the Arts and Literature, and Religion and Morals. The central focus is on The Force, its process, and who you as a Jedi are; the Method of Science, what “Knowledge” is, and why other kinds of “knowledge” are not scientific or genuine knowledge.
    • Logic and Science’s Introduction or Phenomenology (those wishing to be Master Scientists will continue with two more years).
    • An Introduction and exposure to all Colleges and majors/disciplines, whether or not students have decided on a major (if they have, they will take the briefer course). One or two semesters only.
    • The following is also important to note: Jedi Science’s parts (Logic-Nature-Jedi/Spirit) are taught (unlike at present) “transitionally,” i.e., as vanishing stages or “moments” leading up to the Jedi Order (and Absolute Knowing and Logic or Metaphysics); while History is taught as the recorded stages of the becoming of Jedi and Jedi Society (the Force’s awareness of itself); and Society or the State is taught as the Order or Structures of Freedom (as Universals or Laws) for realization of Jedi, while Art and Religion (as with Science) are explained to have originated as a way of overcoming the subject/object split and realizing Jedi-Wholeness.
  • 338

  • M.A. and Ph.D. This will be the same as currently practiced, with certain additions:
    • There will be the same Jedi course progression: from introductory to intermediate to advanced, and then the Thesis. However, a Ph.D. candidate in History for example will be required to possess an adequate mastery of all of history, and not just their special area of interest (which is in accordance with the holistic nature of Jedi Science and Education).
    • Those studying to be a Jedi Master Scientist (encompassing Logic, Nature, and Jedi-Spirit) will either have achieved mastery by the completion of their program or will not (in which case post-graduate studies are recommended).
  • There will also be a Board of Science and a Board of Jedi Certification.
  • Special Issues concerning the transition to the Ideal Jedi University:
    • In the Ideal Jedi University all Faculty members are Jedi. But in the beginning there will be a period when only a few will be Jedi. The pre-Jedi teachers will need supervision by a Jedi or Jedi Master Scientist. This is no major problem because all that is needed is for each teacher to be fully dedicated to Jedi Education and the healing of their planet and race—the “spirit” and Truth will supply the remainder of what is needed.
    • As for the Textbook problem on the university level, the solution is the same as for the K-12 level (see 333, (3)).

THE JEDI “CORE COURSE” (will continue and build on the work done in pre-university)

  • 339

The purpose of this Central Course is to “keep you on course” to realizing your Jedi Nature and fitting you for citizenship in the Jedi Order. Your “Jedi Core Coordinator(s)” will also help you to integrate and coordinate your studies and show how they all contribute towards the one Jedi Goal and to learning how to live in Eternity and Jedi Society. It is impossible to overstate the importance of this educational objective of learning how to live in Eternity, in the Eternal Now or Present; that is, learning how to “transcend Time” and that Time is an illusion (a subjective convention). The more and the faster you can do this, the easier and the more success you will have in learning and in progress towards Jedi actualization; this is because ALL knowledge exists and is perfectly accessible IN the Eternal Now—WHICH ALONE EXISTS.

Remember always, as your Jedi Hegel states, that “Eternity (the Force) will not be, nor has it been: IT IS.”

  • 340

As per Part I: The Jedi Truth the Main Course Objective—to Become a Jedi—involves the following:

  • The Realization of The Truth (±) that You as a Jedi are the Force, the Whole of All That Is, as the identity of subject/object, Inner/Outer— which involves the overcoming of the Self/Other split or the illusion of the Cave. It is thus necessary to overcome the Dark Side (realism) and become absolutely established in the Light Side (idealism) or the Infinite Inner, which is Subjectivity as the Pure Absolute I that is Apriori, all reality, and absolute Freedom. As we know, it is simply a matter of Transcending your Senses and entering the ONE-POINT or Jedi Order by means of the Concept or Consciousness, in order to become either an Intuitive or a Discursive Jedi.
  • 341

  • The Objective is therefore to Transition from one’s separate-isolated EGO (and the Thing-Object-World) to one’s Infinite Jedi Self, a process that involves the Discipline of one’s Natural Will and character by way of:
    • The negation of finite exclusive Individuality (via perfected Awareness and Love) resulting in an Infinite Universal Self, which is both ec-static and intersubjective.
    • The realization of your Pure Infinite I (T.U.A. or Absolute I) as numerically one and the same in all selves, as both Jedi Schrodinger and Hegel affirm (e.g. “I in and as them, they in and as me”) and which leads to the complete experience of the timeless Present. Further, this realization of universal oneness does not do away with your unique individuality but rather preserves it, since the individual negated is ingredient in the Universal (without which not).
    • The overcoming of “BLOCKS” (or errors) and EGO-Attachments (both positive and negative, and Fears) which sustain Ego-separateness. Hence as the Jedi Code teaches you must master both Solitude and Society and be able to Love all I’s, for only then can no I ruffle your peace or equanimity. The fact is that only a Pure I can master Solitude since such a one contains all I’s in himself and is never alone, non-Universal, and incomplete. Solitude also brings about the dissolution of negative attachments.
  • The perfect and sustained Mastery of LOVE or AGAPE, which is the core of the Infinite INNER and the essence of both the FORCE and a JEDI, which, as we have learned, is due to Polarity (±).
  • 342

The overall Objective—Eternity Living, realizing the Truth, becoming a Jedi—will be achieved via the Core’s three parts: FACTS and TRUTH, TRANSFORMATION Methods, and COORDINATION and Integration of all Studies:

FACTS and TRUTH: This part will provide an ever deepening Total Picture of the Whole, that is, the Force (±) and “who you really are” (the Force aware of itself). It will include (a) The Principle and Truth of Polarity (±) as revealed by Metaphysics (Logic, Reason, and Science) and How all derives from it (the Inner and Outer) and the status of each (Inner = 1, Outer = 0); (b) On Nature and History and the Jedi Society and State (the main principles); and (c) On the nature, possibilities (powers and the 4th plane), and laws of a Jedi based on Fichte’s division into: the Absolute I (“God”-Freedom is the #1 principle)/the Theoretical I, and the Practical I (society and the individual). You can serve here or in the Subtle or Astral Worlds.

This part will also give Proofs of the TRUTH (±) of one’s Jedi Nature and immortality, the infinity of the I/Self (of the One Pure I), and of the nothingness (ideality) of Nature, Matter, Objects, and Things.

  • 343

TRANSFORMATION METHODS: The focus of this part will be the Actualization of the student’s Jedi “Seed” Potency, primarily by realizing you are already a Jedi and one with the Truth, the Force, God (±). It is a fact that just being with people with same goal is powerful and transformative. The Actualization is achieved by Focused Awareness on the Truth (±) and the One POINT via the Concept or Consciousness. The Jedi Core Coordinator(s) should:

(a) Use POWER-ETHICS—see Part II: The Jedi Code—which involves (Re-) Programming the Mind (thinking, believing, and saying), (i) Negatively by removing Blocks (errors), and (ii) Positively by affirming Truths (Affirmations).
(b) Teach Logic and Phenomenology and the movement from Consciousness OF an Object to Consciousness OF Consciousness. Plus provide more Proofs of Reason and an ever deepening knowledge of the Whole and your Self, comprised of the Outer and Inner Force, that is, Nature, History, the State, and Art, Religion, and Science.
(c) Use Love and Religion methods such as Meditation (prayer and worship, etc, such as the “I = I = I = I” and the “You and We” methods; also the Love-affirmations, “I love you,” “I’m in love,” etc); and Love exercises, as well as Dance and Tai Chi, Develop the students’ powers of concentration and One-pointedness.
(d) Use Methods that Facilitate the Mastery of Solitude and Society (such as special group activities and public speaking) and that will help students to overcome attachments—wants and fears.
(e) Discuss Pitfalls and dangers (e.g. concerning the Powers and the 4th Plane) and how to avoid them, and Overall Student Assessment or How to test and measure one’s progress to Jedi. At the end of each year the Coordinator will evaluate the student and assign him to the following year’s Core Course, to Level 1, 2 or 3/advanced.

  • 344

OVERALL COORDINATION and Integration: This part will address (1) How your studies and major will help confirm and actualize your Jedi-Nature, (2) What the current world problems are, How you can help and How you can best serve and contribute to Jedi Society, and (3) Any Questions or concerns that students may have as regards their studies and/or their private lives. There is more on Formal Education in Part III: The Jedi Order, 2, where we will contrast your mis-education with Jedi Education.

There is only One Goal of education:

To be a JEDI—to Shift from STAGE TWO
to STAGE THREE Consciousness.


There is a UNITY underlying everything and everyone on your planet.
be Aware of this UNITY is to be Educated … and a JEDI.

GLOBAL JEDI EDUCATION -13- (4b) The Jedi Curriculum K-12: How to Teach BIOLOGY, the LIFE SCIENCES or ORGANICS, in Schools (and Special Problems)


GLOBAL JEDI EDUCATION -13- (4b) The Jedi Curriculum K-12: How to Teach BIOLOGY, the LIFE SCIENCES or ORGANICS, in Schools (and Special Problems)

“You must unlearn what you have learned.”

The Jedi Curriculum K-12: How to Teach BIOLOGY, the LIFE SCIENCES or ORGANICS, in Schools (and special problems)

  • 332
  1. It is to be taught within the Context of the WHOLE, as a Necessary STAGE of the Force’s realization into and as the Jedi Order.
  2. Teach (a) The Concept of LIFE (as means/end in one) and (b) Life’s Structure as grasped by the Concept (U-P-I): Sensibility- Irritability-Reproduction/the GENUS, etc.
  1. Explain the Necessity for “Man” and that the Human Body must exist in order for the Absolute I to realize itself, that is, Man’s BODY as (-) is the perfect complement of (+). Explain how the negation (the BODY) is preserved in the “negation of negation,” in the move to Spirit or Jedi (+) and (±), and results in the Jedi Subtle Body. Further, Nature’s forms transition from the Inorganic to the Organic with the result that Life, “Man” and Man’s BODY contains and embodies all lower stages and hence is in actuality the Microcosm of Nature, the Macrocosm.
  2. Most importantly, “Man” or the “Human” Form/Organism is the TYPE (perfect-complete) from which all other lower organisms are to be understood. Hence (as many of your evolutionary biologists erroneously teach), it is incorrect to start in the reverse order with the least developed, complex organisms—diatoms, amoeba, paramecium (bacteria)—and on their basis (and structure) attempt to understand the higher, more complex organisms, and ultimately Man. The lower organisms are imperfect and mere anticipations of MAN, the perfect organism and ArcheType, and are found wanting in respect of certain functions and features belonging to “Man”— primarily Reason and Thought, as well as certain senses, respiratory, nervous, and other systems, hands, upright posture, plasticity of movement, etc.
  • 333

Special Problems:

  • Students transferring into Jedi-School from other schools will be underprepared for Jedi-Education. This can be solved by providing an Introduction/Jedi-orientation and “conversion course” that will correct errors of dark-side teaching e.g. in the sciences taught in the non-Jedi schools, etc—and an entrance examination will also be required.
  • In the beginning there will be few or no Jedi Masters.This presents no problem—for all that is required are Teachers who are completely dedicated to Jedi Principles and Education, and who will continue their own Jedi-Education outside of school and among themselves.
  • The TextBook Problem. No Official, Approved and contemporary “Jedi-Science text book” exists yet (other than those of the A-Team Jedi Philosophers, which need to be updated). The solution is that until Jedi-Science and Education Textbooks are written and printed the Jedi Teacher can “create” his own by drawing from his own knowledge of the subject (e.g. History) and from existing “non-Jedi” textbooks—which is what many of your Teachers today do anyway; i.e. they do not follow the textbook rigorously and use their own “handouts,” etc. Also the Teacher can use the same e.g., History textbook she has been using and just overlay and integrate it with a Jedi Holistic interpretation. The Basic Information is the same and useable. This is also true of Science Books—just add “Force-Truth” Principles and correct major errors (e.g. the widespread teaching that “atoms” or “matter” is absolute reality and what everything— including selves, persons, and consciousness—is made of, etc).

GLOBAL JEDI EDUCATION -12- (4b) The Jedi Curriculum K-12: How to Teach HISTORY in Schools


GLOBAL JEDI EDUCATION -12- (4b) The Jedi Curriculum K-12: How to Teach HISTORY in Schools

“You must unlearn what you have learned.”

The Jedi Curriculum K-12: How to Teach HISTORY in Schools


This follows from the Concept of History given earlier—namely, that HISTORY is in essence an educational process whereby the FORCE as “Man” goes from Stage Two “Consciousness” to Stage Three “Self-Consciousness” and overcomes the (+|-) subject/object separation and reaches the Knowledge of Itself as a JEDI and the JEDI ORDER. That is, History is the study of the stages of the progress of the consciousness of FREEDOM, the final result being the universal recognition of each by all, with the realization that each person is the Infinite WHOLE as absolutely Independent and Free and aware of Itself.

The major periods of your History are the Ancient, Medieval, Modern, and Post-Modern, negative and positive. In teaching Global History the focus is only on the “main events” of advance in the process. Briefly stated, (1) Ancient: China (substance, where One is free, the emperor), India, Persia, Greece (where some are free) to Rome (Roman Law and the legal Person), (2) Medieval: Religion and the initial appearance of the Truth (±), from polytheism to monotheism, (3) Modern: the Arche/Force as Consciousness (where all are free), the Rights of the Individual, the French Revolution, the Modern State in which the “A-Team” wins Jedi Science (±), and (4) Post-Modernity: negative (the “death of God” and nihilism) to Post-Modernity: positive/the 1960s, the new God within, the rediscovery of the Absolute I and the Concept, and the realization of (±) the JEDI ORDER (see Part 1 History above).

Note also that WHO, which individual or group or nation in History, actually advanced the Truth, the Knowledge of the Force and the Jedi Order and “gets the credit or glory” is not ultimately important. Particularity and racial national differences are merely external, for All of Your People—your race/the Force—are truly ONE. Thus an advance or discovery (e.g. of the telegraph, the “double helix” in science, the internet, etc) by a particular person or nation is an advance for ALL. Of course if some of you insist on identifying not with the Universal-Whole but instead with a particular group that has not yet made an advance or contribution in History, then you can change this … by YOU becoming a JEDI quickly (which in itself is plenty) and by making a unique contribution in a chosen Area or Global Institution.

GLOBAL JEDI EDUCATION -11- (4b) The Jedi Curriculum K-12: How to Teach MATHEMATICS in Schools


GLOBAL JEDI EDUCATION -11- (4b) The Jedi Curriculum K-12: How to Teach MATHEMATICS in Schools

“You must unlearn what you have learned.”

The Jedi Curriculum K-12: How to Teach MATHEMATICS in Schools—And the True Value of Math (Plato again is the key)

  • 330

When you deal with number—the ONE and its operations/ variations—you are immediately in the Upper World, the INNER (+), across the “Divided Line” and in the Invisible domain of True Reality and the Mind; you are out of the CAVE, the sense-world and “time,” and in the Eternal realm. This is because the ONE as such, in pure form, is a “Concept” or “thought,” which can be seen only by the Mind but not by the senses—for no pure Ones exist in the sense-realm as each sense-item is a many, has parts and is divisible, with a front-back-sides, etc. Also Math focuses the mind on eternal unchanging Truths and relationships (e.g., √9 = 3, the Pythagorean Theorem’s a² +b² = c²), and on necessity, on things that must be and cannot be otherwise, the hallmark of true Science—all of which deepens one’s awareness and belief in the existence of true suprasensory Reality and interest in it. This further serves to weaken attachment to the sense-world, sense-singulars and illusion.

The main value of Math then is as a preparation for the higher Jedi Studies of Concepts-Forms and Thinking, that is, of LOGIC (Abstract), Nature, Jedi/the Jedi Order and the POINT. All math and number is mid-way between the senses (-) and thought (+).

So the Teacher should start with the ONE (UNITY) and BEING and its True, higher Meaning as the One Force (±) and as a symbol of Reality and the student’s JEDI Self. The Teacher can also connect Math with Ontology, by connecting the ONE with BEING—serving as an introduction to LOGIC, one of the Jedi Sciences. Then the Teacher’s task is to derive all mathematics (addition-subtraction- division-multiplication-powers-calculus: differential and integral, etc) from the ONE.

In addition, students should strive to see both the eternal Universal (and its Truths and relationships) in the sensible, as well as the individual (-) in the (+) Universal and thus their UNITY (±).

GLOBAL JEDI EDUCATION -10- (4b) The Jedi Curriculum K-12: How to Teach SCIENCE in Schools


GLOBAL JEDI EDUCATION -10- (4b) The Jedi Curriculum K-12: How to Teach SCIENCE in Schools

“You must unlearn what you have learned.”

The Jedi Curriculum K-12: Principles concerning How to Teach SCIENCE in Schools

  • 329
  1. Science is to be taught with an eye on the Goal of Education: Being a Jedi and a member of the eternal Jedi Order.
  2. Teach Science HOLISTICALLY—as a Single Whole, leading up to the Jedi Order.
  3. All Parts and Stages of Science are vanishing-transitioning, absorbed into the higher stages—the last stage containing all previous stages.
  4. Always have in the Room a CHART of all the contents of Science as a Whole.
  5. Stress the upward movement (Plato’s Divided Line) from the OUTER (nature-the senses) to the INNER (thought-spirit- consciousness-the I)—help the students to transcend or break free of the Senses and awaken to Universals.
  6. POLARITY must be the main focus. Teach Method #1 to K-12 (without the Science of Logic). Method #2 in University (with the Science of Logic and the U-P-I or Concept Method).
  7. In K-12 education, Focus Mainly on the ABSTRACT (Verstand) Mode of THOUGHT (and not the “Dialectical and Speculative”), emphasizing Fixed Shapes (Gestalten) and Concepts—while also indicating their “transitional” status as vanishing Moments.
  8. Also, Both (+) and (-) Teachers know and teach the Whole of Science—i.e., always start each UNIT (Mechanics, Physics, Organics, Psychology, etc) by placing it in the context of the WHOLE.