The Jedi Handbook of Global Education

The Jedi Handbook of Global Education:
A Guide to Healing Your Planet and
Bringing Balance to The Force
Dr. Ken Foldes
Fulbright Scholar


Congratulations. The millennia-long struggle of your planet’s History is over. Your scientists and philosophers have found the TRUTH (±), the Knowledge of the Force. You are now ready to enter a new phase—the amazing Jedi Order. However you must prepare yourselves.

Your world is still battling the Dark Side—war, hate, fear, terrorism, greed, poverty, disease, death, and impending nuclear Armageddon. The Solution is nothing short of a global Revolution in Education—a paradigm shift from the Dark to the Light Side of the Force!

Your world’s Institutions can now teach this higher Knowledge and raise planetary consciousness. This will bring Balance to the Force in your sector of the Galaxy and usher you into the glorious Jedi Order—your Destiny.

The Knowledge of the Force will reveal to you the true meaning of “Religion,” “Education,” “Science,” “Business,” “Health,” and “Politics.”

Ahead lies the Global Jedi Education solution for your planet and your unique part in the crowning stage of your evolution.

 Welcome to the Jedi Order!

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master

—from a galaxy far, far away


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