Health, the Healing Arts & Sciences and HealthCare are very important for Global Education and Healing. Because of the great authority of medical doctors and psychiatrists it is vital that they possess the true Concept and understanding of what HEALTH and being HEALED is. At present they follow your p-sciences’ erroneous definitions of Man and reality.

The true concept of Health is contained in the Knowledge of the Force or in the POINT and POLARITY, which reveals true health to be simply a matter of (1) being in your JEDI self and plugged into the WHOLE by having overcome the Self/Other separation and (2) having the 3 parts of your nature in Unity: your Absolute I, Mind, and Body.


[A] CONCEPT. The primary purpose of health is educational, that is, to take you out of illusion, the Cave, and Ego-separateness … into the Jedi Order and the ONE REALITY (±) which is NOW.

The true concept of Health is contained in the Knowledge of the Force or in the POINT and POLARITY, which reveals true health to be simply a matter of (1) being in your JEDI self and plugged into the WHOLE by having overcome the Self/Other separation and (2) having the 3 parts of your nature in Unity: your Absolute I, Mind, and Body. A further key to the true Jedi meaning of Health and Being Healed offers itself in its Anglo-Saxon root, the word “HĀL” (from your Greek “holos”). “HĀL” is rich in meanings—metaphysical, religious, as well as practical-medical. They include: WHOLE or being Complete—as in a perfect specimen, not missing any parts, hence: BEING, in the sense of sacred, inviolable, indestructible, imperishable, and immortal—again, being Complete, Perfect, not lacking anything, hence Infinite, Eternal, and True Being; and of course HOLY. Thus “HEALTH” in its deepest, truest meaning involves all three elements: WHOLE, BEING, and HOLY.


Here Noble Jedi, I will focus on the aspect “WHOLE,” HĀL’s primary meaning, which also contains the others. Thus to be in a state of “Health” or to be “Healthy” is (A) to be “WHOLE,” that is, to have all aspects of your nature and Being actualized—to be a “JEDI” and, what is the same, (B) to be incorporated or “plugged in” to “the WHOLE,” that is, The WHOLE of All That Is—the Jedi Order, which alone is and IS NOW.


First, to be in full Health is (A) to be WHOLE, a JEDI—i.e. to be and to have realized all of what you are and not just a part. As we know from the Knowledge of the Force and Jedi Science in Part I., your true Being or complete Concept includes Three elements:

      • The Egoic-Mind
      • The physical BODY


    Thus you are not just (3) your physical BODY (with its various organs and physiological systems); nor are you just (2) your Egoic-Mind (or “Soul” as a Particular Individuality: with an intellect, will, emotions) or your Mind-Body complex. You are also and most significantly (1) an or the Absolute I, the Force’s Infinite Consciousness of Itself that encompasses everything as the only Reality—and which is eternally fused with your Mind and Body (the basis of your uniqueness, identity, and individuality). It is this Absolute I or Pure Universal Consciousness that you share with all other Selves and Jedi, and which is the basis of your UNITY with all things—with the WHOLE and all peoples—and your immortality. It is the one and only Solution to your planet’s problems. Hence it is obvious that the true Concept of Health is impossible without the true Concept of “Man” or who you are; which indicates your Medicine and Psychiatry’s major defect.


    True Health thus presupposes that you have transcended the separation involved in the Dark Side of the Force, in particular the Subject/Object or Self/Other split—which is the root cause of all planetary disorders. This transcendence of the Self/Other split can happen only when you have realized the Unity of the Absolute I—and hence that the Absolute I in you and at the core of your being is one and the same as the Absolute I in me and at the core of my being, and of everyone’s being.

    Thus real Health—and Love-centered living—cannot be achieved by treating the OUTER and the BODY alone, nor by treating the patient who presents as only a MIND-BODY—for then finitude, the Self/ Other unresolved Polarity, would still remain. Rather it is attainable only by treating the WHOLE Person and making the INNER, the Absolute I and its Opening, the main focus of attention and treatment.


    Secondly, you cannot be fully Healthy unless you are (B) “plugged in” to the WHOLE, into the Eternally Present Jedi Order—the One Indivisible REALITY, the FORCE (±)—and being fully aware of it and living fully in the Eternal Now. As we know underlying all the multiplicity of the Sense-world is a Single indivisible UNITY, the Absolute I—the Force’s One Infinite Consciousness—which alone is true Reality and contains the infinite material realm within itself as idealized. Ultimately there is only ONE WHOLE, which can be thought of as ONE GIANT BODY, LIFE, ORGANISM, or a LIVING ENTITY (cf. the “Body of Christ,” in Christianity, and the “Maha-Bodhisattva” in Buddhism, et al)—each of you existing within this One BODY or WHOLE as its living, loving members. And of course each of you, as a Jedi and the Whole or Force aware of Itself, is also the Whole itself and not just a “member” or “part” of it; for you are a UNIVERSAL (not a particular Egoic) Self and an Individual (in the sense described in Part I). That is, your Universal Self includes within itself the Selves of everyone else in the Universe in virtue of the Absolute I at its center, and vice-versa. Thus in virtue of your definition and essence, all of you are involved in each other. Hence each of you is not the WHOLE in an exclusive sense, as if just yourself and no one else existed, but rather in an inclusive sense. There are others besides yourself—there is a plurality inside the ONE WHOLE or “BODY” and in this sense each of you can be considered as a “Member” of the ONE BODY or WHOLE.


    It follows that if you are not aware of this Unity or One Body-Whole underlying your “normal” consciousness and everything else—i.e., are not aware of the Jedi Order—then you are living only in your Ego-Mind (-Body) as in an “I/Not-I” state, isolated and separate from all others and the WHOLE and “living in the CAVE.” In this condition you can be regarded as a “CANCER” in the ONE BODY or FORCE. You can now see how all disorders and diseases have there origin precisely HERE. All of your waking life from infancy till Now has been a life and a series of “I/Not-I” experiences lived within and as a “CANCER CELL.” It is thus all of the accumulated negativity and toxicity that this involves, which has resulted in all the physical- mental-social-political ills and evils in the world and through the ages. In this light HISTORY can be viewed as nothing but the course of Man’s dis-ease and the ongoing attempt to Cure it.


    Therefore HEALTH and BEING HEALTHY essentially involve moving from our familiar Stage Two state as an isolated Body-Ego and a “CANCER” in the ONE BODY/WHOLE … to the Stage Three state of being plugged in and incorporated into the WHOLE/BODY, feeling and enjoying one’s UNITY with all Others, with full Awareness of the Absolute I.

    Thus the purpose of HEALTH and the Medical and Psychological Healing Arts is essentially the same as the other Six-Areas, namely to Educate and take you into the Jedi Order and out of the CAVE and the EGO-state into Light Side Reality and your Unity with everyone. Thus the global realization of true health will occur when every adult on your planet is living in and sharing consciously the same One Absolute I, the One Holy Universal Self. Hence “sickness” or non-health can be defined as any degree of deviation from this alignment with your True Self as the Force or Whole; “sickness” is thus to be living still in your “ego,” in limitation, in “time” and anxious. Hence by definition it can be said that there is no one on your planet who is truly healthy and not sick.


    My Padawan let us review: I have said that the primary meaning of “HEALTH” is the state of being WHOLE, HOLY, BEING, and in the ONE Jedi Order as a U.I. or Universal Individual, immortal, complete, and Happy. The purpose of the Healing Arts (medicine and psychiatry) is thus to make you WHOLE or a JEDI—one with the FORCE, the Whole, Being, and all people by integrating you into the One Jedi Order, the ONE Reality. The Jedi Doctor thus treats and heals the WHOLE PERSON as Absolute I (or Spirit) |Mind|Body (and not just the Body). The Mind/Body alone is P.I. and separate. It follows that your health practitioners today can never truly HEAL—as they leave you, the patient, in your finite separate Ego; for without the Absolute I (the Infinite) and the experience of UNITY with everyone, you are as stated a “cancer” in the One Jedi Order (or “Body”). Furthermore “to be healed” is also for the individual to have overcome his or her condition of Self/Other (+|-) separation and become the Whole Subject/Object that he or she is, or a Jedi. Thus any person or group that claims to be in a field whose concern or subject-matter is “health” must minimally possess this concept of Health, otherwise they operate under a grave handicap. Thus the meaning of “health” and “healing” as it applies to the fields of Medicine and Psychiatry—if we wish to know its true meaning and regardless of how it is understood in these disciplines—must be based on and derived from its true Jedi meaning as just stated; which, as most complete, supersedes all other definitions. So no matter how it is regarded in these fields, “health” or “being healed” in the highest and fullest sense must be for an individual to have actualized, be living in and enjoying one’s true Infinite Jedi Self. This is a state of being in which one KNOWS him or herself as a Universal Self and One with the Jedi Order, as the Whole of Reality, INNER and OUTER; and as eternal, immortal, and master over the physical-natural realm and his Body (and thus over all dis-ease); and as having two Bodies, Physical and Subtle, which latter is indestructible and can materialize or de-materialize at will, etc, with a core of LOVE and total self-esteem.


    You can hence see the inadequacy attaching to a “Medicine” whose idea of “health” and “healing” goes no further than “normal functioning without noticeable impairment of bodily and mental systems,” with a goal of therapy or treatment as the restoring of the individual to “normal” health, meaning the mental-physical condition they were in prior to the onset of their debilitating illness or disorder; and to a “Psychiatry” that holds the similar view of restoring and returning the individual to a “normal,” that is, socially approved “well-adjusted” state of mental health.


    “Medicine” typically treats the Body—its diseases and disorders—and not the Mind (the province of Psychiatry). This is a major error. For true medicine, in accord with who “Man” really is, is and can only be HOLISTIC—treating the individual, the Force, as the WHOLE that he or she is, namely, Absolute I (or Spirit)-Mind-Body as the unity of INNER and OUTER. The FACT and Jedi Truth is that the Absolute I—and actualizing and tapping into its powers of healing,

    immunization and restoration of cells and organs—is the active agent in the healing of all diseases without exception.


    As for “Psychiatry,” etymologically the word comes from the two roots, “psyche” = the soul, and “iatreia” or “iatros” = physician, healer, or (the art of) healing, and hence means the art of healing the soul or simply, the healing of the soul (the INNER, unity)—and not of the Body (the OUTER, many).

    A prime error today among your psychiatrists or “soul healers” is that many adhere to the materialist world-view of the “p-sciences” which reduce Man to a mere physical-biological being as a result of which they treat disorders of the soul (the INNER) as “medical” disorders, as disorders of the Body (the OUTER). They thus in essence deny the Inner altogether—that is, deny that Man even has a soul, self, mind, or “inner” dimension or aspect at all; regarding him as only a physical brain or nervous system, reduced to “neurons firing,” etc. This is a total disaster—the source of untold unnecessary and preventable suffering. Of course here too the diagnosis and treatment as in medicine must be HOLISTIC—so the Body must also be attended to. But the mistake of psychiatry is to put the “cart before the horse” and invert cause and effect. That is, to see changes in body chemistry (e.g. in serotonin levels) as the “cause” of “mental/ soul” disorders, the “effect,” and prescribe drugs accordingly; and not to see them as what they are in truth, the effects of the former, of the Mind-Self’s reactions to the stresses of life or of Heideggerian “being in the world” and the fundamental Self/Other Dark Side situation.


    Hence as a result the most psychiatrists can hope for in treatment is to return the patient to a “normal well-adjusted life”—that is, to “normal” as defined by the status quo—(whatever it may be at the time, and which is nothing “objective or scientific” and is determined by a “show of hands,” by a vague “statistically constructed and fabricated” idea in the therapists head as to what “a normal individual in today’s society should look like”). That is, to “conformity” with what “society”—the historical others of a given time no matter how “sick” or far from True Jedi Health they are—regards as normal, proper behavior and character.

    This is obviously not enough. The true goal of therapy-treatment is Total Health—or at a minimum getting the individual “back on track, on course” to becoming a Jedi. At best this can be only an initial starting “condition” for true Health—and in no way the thing itself.—We will look more closely below at the key differences between the methods of an ordinary “ego” physician and therapist and those of a Jedi-Doctor and Jedi-Therapist. A large part of the new Jedi-Doctor’s treatment plan will involve “improving health” by giving concrete methods for elevating individuals (patients/ clients) from their “ego” state to their Jedi Self or the Whole, which is alone true health; and by helping them change their self-image and re-program their mind e.g. by affirmations and by joining “Jedi-groups.”


    Thus to be in the healing profession and not to know what true health is is to put yourself and your patient and society at great risk. And all the fundamental problems in medicine and psychiatry stem from one thing, namely the erroneous Concept of Man, of who you really are, that underlies all their practice and methods.

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